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Novatalentis is a recruitment agency, specialising in headhunting for Digital, Tech/IT, Finance, Engineering and Construction players.


As a leading recruitment agency, we can assist your company in effectively sourcing managerial positions through to senior leadership roles on a temporary or permanent basis. Our recruitment team have extensive experience in their respective fields, sharing unparalleled knowledge of the hiring requirements specific to your business.



At the house of NOVATALENTIS, we maintain relationships sustainable with our candidates, and we are committed to offer you the best talents to meet your needs.

Our areas of expertise:

▪ IT Business Analyste ▪ Application Manager ▪ IT Project Manager ▪ Business Intelligence Analyste ▪ Dev. Front & Back ▪ Dev. Mobile ▪ Architecture ▪ Infrastructure et Systèmes ▪ Support et Maintenance ▪ ERP – CRM ▪ Business Intelligence ▪ Analyste Fonctionnel ▪ Web Design – UI/UX ▪ Testers



The demand for engineers and technicians alifies is inversely proportional to the supply in terms of qualified talent. We put at your disposal our pool of
talents to help you quickly find the perfect candidate.

Our areas of expertise:
Instrumentation  ▪ Mechanical  ▪ Industrial processes  ▪ Automating  ▪ Electrical Research Officer  ▪ Mechanical Project Manager  ▪ Design Engineer in Climate Engineering, Electrical Engineering  ▪ Mechanical engineer  ▪ Machinery Engineer  ▪ Turning  ▪ Industrialisation methods engineer  ▪ Maintenance mechanic



It’s not easy to find the right financial expert, again unless you find a real recruitment agency specialist. NOVATALENTIS puts at your service recruiters with In-depth financial background. In addition to speaking the same language, they maintain actively a large address book in order to
find the ideal candidate.

Our areas of expertise:
▪ Actuary Tax expert  ▪ Compliance Internal Controller  ▪ Expert accountant  ▪ Administrative and financial director  ▪ Risk Management  ▪ Fund Administrator  ▪ Accounting Auditor and Financial  ▪ Internal/External Auditor ▪ Merger Analyst Acquisition  ▪ Management Analyst  ▪ Trade Credit Management  ▪ Management control


Human resources 

Real changes are taking hold, and human resources professions learn to compose today with new requirements in terms of flexibility and
tailor-made criteria for increasingly selective candidates and demanding.
Our knowledge do is at your service to provide you with the best
talents, your strategic allies who will support you on the changes of today and tomorrow.

Our areas of expertise:
▪ Social Auditor  ▪ HR Project Manager  ▪ Training manager  ▪ Social Management Controller  ▪ Payroll Manager  ▪ Personnel Administrator  ▪ Diversity Manager  ▪ Career Management Consulting  ▪ Human Resources Director  ▪ Social Lawyer  ▪ Recruitment Expert  ▪ Mobility Expert  ▪ Ergonomics Project Manager  and Prevention of Professional Risks  ▪ HR Assistant

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